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MPEG-2 Video Enhancement

[Video Output]

MPEG-2 Video Enhancement

Note: The videos on this webpage are encoded using Windows Media Video 2. Mac Users may need Windows Media Player for Mac to play the files.

This video provides a small demonstration of the output of the real-time MPEG-2 video enhancement system.

Other videos below illustrate features and current problems with the system we are working to resolve.

The modified source code for the decoder, and the controller application are also available, see below.

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[Video without inter enhancement]

[Video decoded with intra and inter enhancement]

MPEG-2 Video Enhancement – 'Inter Artifacts'

These videos illustrate the 'simplest case' scenario of Section 3.3 of Post Transmission Digital Video Enhancement for People with Visual Impairments. The first video (no inter enhancement) shows that a still image encoded with MPEG-2 does not require the inter-frames enhanced.

The second video illustrates the problem of a gradual build-up of noise, which regularly appears and disappears in step with the I-frame in each GOP. Adjusting the playback speed to play more slowly will make the effect more clear.

[Modified libmpeg2 files]

[matrixed.exe - Enhancement Controller]

[MPEG-2 Test Video]

MPEG-2 Video Enhancement – Software

It is not possible to make compiled copies of the modified decoder available here, but the archive of modified files can be combined with the available libmpeg2 decoder source code, and compiled to create a working decoder.

Please note the demonstration program, mpeg2dec, should be run with the -c option (to use only the 'C' implementation, not assembly optimizations) and if compiled into VLC, all CPU optimizations should be disabled.

We also make the controlling software (in compiled form) freely available here.