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Low Vision Driving
A story on the National Eye Institute's web site. [PDF 707 KB]

Google Glass
Eli is an advisor to Google on vision related issue of the Google Glass.
Media reports on his involvement in this project are available here.

Forbes Magazine Report on Safety Concerns:
Could Google Glass Hurt Your Eyes? A Harvard Vision Scientist And Project Glass Advisor Responds.March 4, 2013

Gizmodo Australia Article on Health Concerns:
Is Google Glass Bad For Your Eyes? May 3, 2013

Ynet- a leading technology web site in Israel published an article on Dr. Peli's involvement in the development and evaluation of the Google Glass:
Link. May 22, 2013

The Gadget Spot Website in Israel takes a look at Google Glass with Dr. Peli:
Link. June 16, 2013

An article in the financial section of Yediot Achronot about the Glass in Israel
Link. May 28, 2013

Eli wearing Glass

Eli Discussing Google Glass on the Arutz 10 Morning Show

Eli Discussing Google Glass on the Arutz 10 Evening News

Eli Discussing Google Glass on the Arutz 10 Late Night News

Visual Aid for Tunnel Vision
Our scientific paper published in Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Use of an augmented-vision device for visual search in patients with tunnel vision [PDF 323 KB], was described in various media on the Internet and elsewhere.

Tunnel vision glasses.

American Optometric Association (AOA) reported:
(See the section on powerful prisms)
Doctors of optometry dedicate decades to low-vision care and research [PDF] LINK

ScienceDaily reported:
(See the section on high-powered prisms, periscopes for severe tunnel vision)
Five innovations harness new technologies for people with visual impairment, blindness

Journal of Vision (JOV) reported:
New glasses may help minimize peripheral vision loss, December 2016

Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs reported:
Seeing With Tunnel Vision. December 22, 2006
Vision Channel December 22, 2006 [WMV 8.3 MB]

Flint Michigan's ABC affiliate, WJRT Ch. 12, reported:
ABC 12 HealthFirst: Tunnel Vision. December 13, 2006
The Channel 12 Video December 13, 2006 [WMV 8.3 MB]

Boston's ABC affiliate, WCVB Ch. 5, reported:
Boston NewsCenter 5 Article September 7, 2006
The Channel 5 Video September 7, 2006 [WMV 6.8 MB]

The Boston Globe published the following article:
The Boston Globe September 11, 2006

Other selected media reports:
Eurotimes Ocular Update December 12, 2006
Biophotonics News November, 2006
Medical Technology Business Europe ( September 11, 2006 September 8, 2006
Forbes September 7, 2006
CBC Canada September 7, 2006
Scientific American September 7, 2006
ChinaDaily September 6, 2006 September 3, 2006 September 1, 2006 August 31, 2006
New Scientist August 31, 2006
Engineering Online August 30, 2006
Harvard Medicine August 30, 2006 August 30, 2006 August 29, 2006
Political Gateway August 29, 2006
Daily India August 29, 2006

The 2006 Pisart Award
Eli Peli is the winner of the 2006 Pisart Award from the Lighthouse International.

The 2006 Pisart Award

Lighthouse International Press Release December 11, 2006

Press Release December, 2006

Optometry and Vision Science, Demember, 2006

OVS Academy News

Previous recipients of the Lighthouse Pisart Vision Award are: Lloyd M. Aiello, MD;
Daniel M. Albert, MD; Norman Ashton, CBE, FRS; Ian L. Bailey, OD, MS, FAAO;
Eliot L. Berson, MD; David G. Cogan, MD; Jay M. Enoch, PhD; Eleanor E. Faye, MD;
Stuart L. Fine, MD; Charles D. Kelman, MD; Carl Kupfer, MD; Alan M. Laties, MD;
Gordon E. Legge, PhD; Robert Machemer, MD; A. Edward Maumenee, MD; Arnall Patz, MD;
Floyd Ratliff, PhD; Alfredo Arrigo Sadun, MD, PhD; Charles L. Schepens, MD; Paul A. Sieving, MD;
Louise L. Sloan, PhD; Davida Y. Teller, PhD; Govindappa Venkataswamy, MD;
Mildred Weisenfeld; Sir John Wilson, CBE; and Lorenz E. Zimmerman, MD.

Aaron J. Mandel and Dr. Robert Goldstein wrote a feature article about how people with severe vision problems should make decisions related to the seeking of a driving license.

Cover of Dialogue Magazine.

May-June 2005
Feature: Driving with low vision Dialogue, pages 41-46

Article Published May-June 2005

The newsletter of the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission

Doug McLaughlin Holding Peripheral Prism Glasses

Sept/Oct 2005, Vol. 21, No. 5
The cover story of that issue features a hemianopia patient who was fitted with our Peripheral Prism device as part of his rehabilitation and return to work after a stroke. This patient was fitted as part of our community based Multi Center clinical trial conducted in collaboration with Chadwick Optical.

Article Published Sept/Oct 2005

Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs

low vision driving

Ivanhoe Broadcast News has published numerous articles on Dr. Peli's work with Low Vision Drivers.

Article Published February 2004

Article Published April 2004

Interview with Dr. Peli Published July 2004

Note: Larger files look better but take longer to download.

Ophthalmology Management

Ophthalmology Managment featured the Peli Lab's work on low vision driving in their September 2003 issue. Their web site, also ran this feature.

Click Here for a Facsimile of their September 2003 web page.

In their August 2003 issue, Ophthalmology Managment discussed Dr. Peli's presentation at "The Eye and the Auto" conference on low vision driving. This was also featured of

Click Here for a Facsimile of their August 2003 web page.
Note: the conference is not the first feature on this page

eli fitting prisms

Chronicle Low Vision Special
WCVB Channel 5

virtual mall used to test ability to notice obsticles

On June 20, 2003, Boston's ABC affiliate, WCVB Ch. 5's Chronicle broadcasted a special on low vision research. This special presented the work of the Peli Lab and other Boston area low vision researchers.

Click Here for a Facsimile of a page from

Click the following links to see footage from this Broadcast.

Attention: You must have Windows Media Player to view the above videos.
Download Windows Media Player for Windows or Mac

Moakley Scholar in Aging Eye Research

Eli Peli has been appointed to the position of Scholar in Aging Eye Research in honor of the late Massachusetts state senator Joseph Moakly. A ceremony was held at the Schepens Eye Reseach Institue. Massachusetts senior senator Edward Kennedy was there to present Eli with this honor.

Articles describing this appointment:

ted kennedy presenting Eli a picture of Joseph Moakly and the position of Scholar in Aging Eye Research

Click the image to enlarge it.

Primary Care Optometry News

trifield lenses

Peli lab Investigator Russell Woods recently presented data from the Trifield Lens Project, a novel prism-based pair of spectacles for tunnel vision patients, at the American Acadamy of Optometry.

Primary Care Optometry News covered the presentation in their Febuary 2003 issue.
[PDF 148 KB]

Aging and Vision
published by Lighthouse International

An article by Eli Peli and Henry Apfelbaum was published in the Spring 2003 of the Aging and Vision publication of the Lighthouse International, describing various projects in the Peli lab aimed at providing novel mobility solutions for people with low vision.

The magazine article
[PDF 832 KB]

a picture from the article published by Lighthouse International

Driving with Bioptic Telescopes for Macular Disease Patients

bioptic telescopes

In March of 2002, Boston's ABC affiliate, WCVB Channel 5, featured the Peli Lab's work on Low Vision Driving. The following links are taken from various Channel 5 Media:

The Schepens ERI newletter, Sightings, published an article in the Spring of 2001 on Bioptic telescopes. This device enables macular disease patients to retain their driving privileges and their independence.

Optical Treatments for Hemianopia Patients

American Optometric Association (AOA) reported:
Novel, high-powered prisms to expand vision fields of patients with hemianopia June 2, 2016
[PDF 267KB] [LINK]

Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs displayed a page in January of 2002 describing our prismatic correction for hemianopia patients. This story was broadcasted on many local television news stations nation wide.

prismatic correction for hemianopia patients

Report on Peripheral Prisms for Hemianopia patients. Reported by Janet Wu on WHDH Channel 7 Healthcast, Boston. [HTML] []

Prisms restore lost peripheral vision. First Report. May 2001. Englander Communications. [PDF 700 KB]

Visual Field Expansion for Retinitis Pigmentosa Patients

Head mounted display that allows RP patients to see more of thier enviroment

Journal of Vision (JOV) reported:
New glasses may help minimize peripheral vision loss, December 2016

The Boston displayed a page in Febuary of 2001 describing a computerized Head Mounted Display (HMD) that allows RP patients to see more of their environment. This story was broadcasted on the Boston ABC affiliate WCVB Channel 5.

International Media Reports

Aktuell Optik & Optometri

Aktuell Optik & Optometri, a Swedish optometry magazine published an article on the Schepens Eye Research Institute, August 2002.

The magazine article
[PDF 4.6 MB]

the virtual mall, used to test vision

Ver Y Oir

pictures from Eli's research that appeared in the spanish magazine

Ver Y Oir, a Spanish magazine devoted to Vision and Hearing published an article on Eli Peli, October 2001.

The magazine article
[PDF 3.6 MB]

A copy of the magazine website report
[html 28 KB]

Media Reports of Peli Lab Collaborators

Nancy Kanwisher's lab at MIT

Click any of the folowing for more information:

[Article from MIT's Tech Talk]

[Newswise Medical News and Science News, March 3, 2009]

[More on our collaborative work and recent publications with the Kanwisher Lab]

Image of the brain taken using fMRI

Chadwick Optical

Chadwick Optical is a Vermont based optical shop that specializes in glasses for low vision patients and research.

Click any of the folowing for more information:

[Facsimile of an article from Prime Time Journal (Fall issue, 2006).]

[Chadwick Optical's Karen Keeney declared one of the fifty most influential women in optical by Vision Monday (article from July 17, 2006).]

[Chadwick Optical get additional NIH funding (article from Vision Monday, June 19, 2006).]

[Facsimile of an article from (May 3, 2006).]

[Facsimile of an article from the Burlington Free Press (April 24, 2006).]

[Facsimile of a page from (March 1, 2004).]

[Facsimile of a page from (March 31, 2003).]

the chadwick logo

University of Alabama at Birmingham on

a man driving with a cataract

The University of Alabama at Birmingham recently had their research on driving with cataracts featured on

Click the folowing for a
[facsimile of this page (June 23, 2003).]


  1. Boston Globe article on the effectiveness of using Irlen lenses to help children with "Irlen syndrome", featuring Dr. Eli Peli.
    • Click here to go to and read the article.
    • Click here to download the article as a PDF [167 KB].
    • Cite this article:
      Lee, J. (2004, August 15). Shades of controversy: With Irlen reading aid, some see better; others see a sham. Boston Globe. Retrieved from

  2. The Dana Foundation's Brain Work Neuroscience Newsletter features Dr. Peli commenting on "brain training" to improve vision when recovering from certain kinds of strokes.
    • Click here to download the article as a PDF [435 KB].
    • Cite this article:
      Valeo, T. (2009, June 19). Brain training may help stroke victims recover vision. Brain Work: The Neuroscience Newsletter, p. 5.

Internship Experiences

Article from the University of Rochester about a summer internship experience within the Peli Lab

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