Contrast Perception and Modeling

contrast perception image   

We are studying the perception of contrast (threshold and suprathreshold) by normal and visually impaired observers. We developed a valid metric for contrast in complex images, which is now being widely used in simulation of image appearance and as a tool for image quality metrics. We are also studying the effects of observation conditions such as luminance, motion, and retinal location, as well as the effects of flanking patterns.


Miguel García-Pérez, Ph.D. Visiting Scientist

Russell Woods, Ph.D.

Alex Hwang, Ph.D.

Jae-Hyun Jung, Ph.D.

Past Postdoctoral Fellows

Andrew Haun, Ph.D.

Yitzhak Yitzhaky, Ph.D.

Past Grant Support

NIH, EY05957, "Model-Based Image Enhancement for the Visually Impaired"


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