Vision and Eye Movements

Image Appearance Under Eye Vibration:

Viewing intermittent display while using an electric
toothbrush causes the display to appear to oscillate
at a low rate.

A CRT display
(Danny Devito in Other People's Money , 1991)

View of a LED clock while using an electric
toothbrush or an electric massager.

Digital Clock Digital Clock


Miguel García-Pérez, Ph.D.

Gang Luo, Ph.D.

Russell Woods, Ph.D.

Alex Hwang, Ph.D.

Past Postdoctoral Fellows

Fernando Vargas-Martin, PhD

Yitzhak Yitzhaky, PhD

Past Grant Support

NIH, EY05957, "Model-Based Image Enhancement for the Visually Impaired"

NIH, EY10285, "Low Vision Reading with Electronic Display"


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